4 Stars

Half Magic is the story of four siblings who happen upon a magic charm one boring summer day. As they discover the charm’s powers, it is revealed that the charm only grants half of your wish. This zany story follows Jane, Mark, Katharine, and Martha as they stumble into half-adventures while trying to figure out just how to ask for their complete hearts’ desires. Just when you think it’s all getting a bit too silly (for us adults, not for the children reading it), the story turns heartwarming with a completely satisfying ending!

Though this book was written in 1954, it stands the test of time. The children are adventurous and a bit reckless, but with a good dose of concern for their widowed mother who works all day while they stay home with a grouchy caregiver. Children ages 7-10 should delight in the crazy mishaps that follow the incorrect wording of certain wishes, and in the way everything works out in the end.