During a dance performance, in the middle of their pirouettes, Taylor and Leslie mysteriously fall into the enchanted land of Larkspur.

With the help of Redmond, the Great-Counselor-in-training, they discover their mission—to perform the magical “Dance of the Dawn” in order to help their beloved dance instructor, Madame Lumiere, find her way home.

But first they must rescue the adored talking pet of “The Fiery One”, and aid Little Light, the glowing princess, as she bravely sets off to rid Larkspur of the cruel Puranna and despicable Derrick of Dungeoness.

If everything goes as planned, Taylor and Leslie will also play an important role in freeing Larkspur’s true king and queen from the Murky Realm, where they have been imprisoned for over a year.

Join Taylor and Leslie as they discover the depths of their courage and faith, and the risks they are willing to take for friendship.  You will fall in love with the Areli, the amazing people of light, and Larkspur, the land where beauty and the arts reign, and magic abounds.

Meet the Characters:

  • Taylor: Taylor is a Bunhead; a dedicated, hardworking dancer who is more comfortable in toe shoes than in sneakers. She is strong, courageous, kind, gentle and fiercely loyal to her friends.
  • Leslie: Leslie is a Bunhead, but not nearly as confident as her best friend, Taylor. Leslie prefers fuzzy slippers over toe shoes, and comfy worn jeans over tights, but there is no denying her natural talent. Leslie hates adventure and the unknown, but will follow her friends to the end of the earth, complaining all the way, of course.
  • Redmond – The Great Counselor-in-Training: Tall and lean with broad shoulders, a square jaw, chocolate colored hair, and eyes the shade of a shiny penny, Redmond is truly dreamy, but his heart belongs only Luminara. Redmond proves himself to be a born leader as he guides and encourages his small group of followers in their quest for justice.
  • Luminara – Queen of Larkspur: Luminara is trapped in the Earthly Realm! Her fate lies in the hands of Taylor and Leslie. Will they succeed in freeing Larkspur’s young queen?
  • Claire: Princess of Larkspur, Little Light. Claire is the only Areli (the people of the light) left in Larkspur. Her light has magic powers, but she is in the dark about them. Luminara had believed that her little sister was too young to understand and gain control over the incredible power she possessed so much of. Will that choice ruin Luminara’s chances of ever returning to her beloved Larkspur?
  • Puranna: Part woman, part cat, all evil.
  • Derrick of Dungeoness: Dark, inside and out, with eyes that hypnotize.


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