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Anastacia (Stacey) Hawkins grew up as a California girl in the suburbs of L.A. County. Her father was a dancer, her mother a beautiful artist. Anastacia could neither dance nor draw, but she loved artistic roller skating, being at the beach, and writing! 




But writing was only a hobby and terrific therapy for many years, until, in her thirties, she came across an ad for the Institute of Children’s Literature. The ad said, “We’re looking for people to write children’s books!” She signed up for their course “Writing for Children and Teenagers”, and discovered her passion: writing for children!

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In April, 2008, Anastacia sold her first story to Shine Brightly Magazine. She was hooked! Today, she is a participating author for a Christian reading program and the One Story a Day series published by DC Canada Education Publishing. She is the author of 5 engaging and delightful stories found in Storie Italiane, an Italian/English parallel text book which can be purchased here on Amazon; and Return to Larkspur, the anticipated sequel to her first middle grade novel, Larkspur, is now available!

Anastacia now resides in Edmonds, Washington, with her husband, Shayne, and their daughter, Sierra. Ferry

“The thought of a child picking up one of my books and falling so completely into the story that they can’t put it down, until they come out the other side, elated, exhausted, and inspired; well, that just makes my heart happy! I encourage all who have a passion for writing to pursue it; don’t give up on your dream!”
Contact Anastacia at ArtfulCommunications@comcast.net

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