Use Music to Inspire Your Writing

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Do you listen to music while you write?

I’ve heard that many writers do. I actually find listening to music WHILE I write a bit distracting, but listening to music as a part of the writing process has been extremely inspiring!

Music has a way of fueling our emotions, setting a mood, creating imagery. Currently, I am writing a 1920’s historical fiction novel, full of creative dance numbers, dangerous criminals,  dreamy love scenes, and steamy speakeasies. I’m listening to not only music from the 1920’s, but also Epic Soundtracks, Ballet Music, Tango Music, Sad Love Songs…I find Pandora a wonderful source!

Music can even help a writer to get started on a new story!

Can one of your favorite songs be elaborated on to create an entire story-line? Listen to some of your favorites, close your eyes and envision the characters, the plot, the setting…where does their story start? How does it end? Imagine that song as the perfect choice for closing credits on the movie created from your book :).

Now put down your pen and listen!


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