Passport to Anywhere!

The Joy of Reading is like owning a magical passport. This passport not only allows us to travel to other places, but also to other worlds, other times.

I just finished reading an amazing book, Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein. It took me to war torn Europe, 1943. Before picking up Code Name Verity, I read a charming story, Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman, which whisked me off to 1960’s Savannah, Georgia. And the book before that? City of Bones by Cassandra Clare threw me into the supernatural underworld of current day Manhattan.

As much as I enjoy the read, my favorite part is choosing where I will travel to next. Reading is not only escapism. It is a way of visiting not only today’s local attractions, or foreign countries, but also yesterday’s history in all its glory, or imaginary places that become so much a part of us that they feel just as real as some faraway land. When reading a great book, we are not just tourists seeing what’s on the surface, taking pictures to slip into forgotten photo albums; we are in it, a part of it, experiencing the emotion, the fears, the joys, the very moment in time and place. The characters become our friends, as well as our enemies. The experiences stay with us, can even change us, inspire us.

So pick up a book and enjoy the journey!

Bon Voyage!

LARKSPUR by Anastacia Hawkins

“Anastacia Hawkins takes readers on a mystical journey into the land of Larkspur. Female readers from third to sixth grade will quickly be swept away by this tale. Hawkins has combined, adventure, action, and romance in this tale; what more could a reader ask for?” (Readers Favorite 5 Star Review!)

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