Just for My Followers! Excerpt From Return to Larkspur

In the anticipated sequel to the fantasy adventure, Larkspur, Taylor, Leslie, and Mason return to Larkspur to be infused with the Areli Light in order to help defend the land and people they have come to love.  As they face new challenges and form new friendships, their loyalties will be tested, and their hopes and dreams divided.  Will the Light bring peace once more?  Or will Darkness overcome it?


“I could really use Mason’s help, Taylor. He’s a natural; it’s as if he was born to be a Light Keeper.”

“Born to be a Light Keeper? Do you hear what you’re saying? We aren’t even from here, Redmond. How could Mason have been born to defend a land that he didn’t even know existed until two years ago?”

“Just because you don’t know something exists, does not keep it from existing. There is a Great Plan that we cannot possible understand, but we are given glimpses and opportunities to be a part of it. It’s up to us what we do with those opportunities. Some back away in fear, others use logic to talk themselves out of getting involved. But there are a chosen few who take giant leaps of faith, and in so doing create a life of great worth with no regrets and no misgivings.”

A hush fell over the room as each of them pondered Redmond’s words. Taylor reached out and grabbed Mason’s hand. She looked into his eyes and saw such courage and faith. Redmond was right. They had been given this incredible opportunity to be a part of something big. She did not want to back away in fear. She wanted to leap.


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